Evergreen Lifestyles

Amdec Group’s retirement lifestyle business, Evergreen is South Africa’s first national retirement brand and offers a relaxed, social and enjoyable retirement lifestyle, along with health, financial and physical security, underpinned by a wide range of supportive services and world-class facilities.

Evergreen’s six retirement villages are secluded, safe and idyllic, situated in popular suburbs close to amenities like shopping centres, private hospitals, sport and leisure facilities. Evergreen strives to establish a parkland atmosphere in its villages, with walkways, benches and ponds providing welcome tranquillity and the backdrop to a variety of architect-designed homes, cottages and apartments offering a broad choice of stylish accommodation.

In each village Evergreen Lifestyle Centres foster the natural formation of communities bustling with clubs, activities and interaction. Facilities include dining rooms, lounges, bars, games rooms, coffee bars, heated pools, gyms and libraries. Furthermore, Evergreen offers a managed, healthy lifestyle within a continuing care environment, geared to meet the needs of retired people.